Bulk calls made easier and faster with Hordecall Solution! This solution is available on Mobile, Web and API. The enterprise edition is enchanting with more features.

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Features you love


Easy UI with good customer experience


Well packaged, highly interactive and user-friendly


End-to-end encryption at every layer of infomation exchange


Do more with our app


Communicate with ease

Either as a first timer or a repeat user, do a voice or attach from any one of the numerous audio file within then put it to call the first 60 seconds.

Experience like never before the control over your voice and calling in real time.

Pre-recorded, you can here attach a file note recorded in your phone or in a stored file not exceeding 10mb of audio in MP3, MP4 and 3GP format which will be receives as call from recepient or receiver of your call.

Scheduling when you want

Your power to make call into the future, Hordecall!

This feature gives user power to doing more in advance by making calls into the future now. Dial that number now and it rings in a futre date and time specified.


Realtime Voice Messaging service

Text to speech.

Send a text and it delivers into speech. Enhance it further by pitch and speed rate to the tone of voice you want it delivered.

Flexible and dynamic retrieval and retrial

Just incase you missed any call, your can as well retrieve audio on the App or with the use of our long or short code - 07080601155, 13111. Dial to listen to the audio message even more than once.

Dynamic 3 times retrials if receiver can not be reached before SMS is sent with a code as notification to retrieve the missed call back.

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Launch your App

Start making bulk call to your families, friends and customers today!

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    Create an Account

    Download the Hordecall andriod app and register with your mobile line to start using the solution. Presently, only Airtel line can make call out to any network.

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    Send call out

    Do a record or upload an audio or compose message on text-to-speech and send out call by a button-click to millions of your contacts

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    Enjoy your life

    Enjoy your life with bulk call and put an end to the hassle of one-by-one calling.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on TRY TEXT TO VOICE on HOME screen. Insert your message into the text box and PREVIEW before sending.
How can I send audio file as voice call to contacts? Click on Prerecord audio and upload file for sending after entering call description.
Android: Go to Play Store, then tap Menu > My apps & games. Tap UPDATE next to HordeCall.
Click on Home and then click on Press the button to record after entering call description. Select recipients either from your contact list or web uploaded list.
Go to Play Store, Search for Hordecall, then Click on Install. After App has been installed completely, Register and Verify your Mobile number.
You can go to the www.hordecal.net web portal to download your call records by using your registration details to sign in.
No, HordeCall only make local calls.
Yes, there are 4 call status. On the History Menu, Yellow Button – Submitted means Upload is successful, Blue Button – Processed means call has been sent, Green Button – Answered means call has been successfully received, Orange Button – Notified means receiver failed to pick your call but has been sent SMS to retrieve the call and Red Button – Failed means that call out failed which can be due to lack of sufficient airtime or receiver can not be reached.
This is available on the web but subject to approval. Changing of caller ID is one of the features of Enterprise Package whereby you can use your NCC approved short-code or long number.
After you have successfully registered and verify your Mobile number, Visit www.hordecall.net to log on into the account with your details. On the Menu, go to Add Contacts List, Add a Contacts List name and upload under the contact list.
Yes, HordeCall is primarily designed to send voice call to multiple mobile numbers at a time.
Currently, you will be charged from your Airtime on the line you have registered with.

Download Here!

Available for Android Google Play Store.

Android Kitkat and above.

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